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Sunday February 01 2015 Hi !
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You may find the following articles of some use. In some cases we have provided reviews of the product you are looking for.

How not to lose the tracks on your apple iPOD

Quick tip which will hopefully help you avoid the annoying situation I faced recently using iTunes, where all the tracks I had manually added to my iPOD were removed from it. Particularly useful if you have more music than you can fit on your iPod and you are using manual synchronisation.

Background What happened was this:I was using iTunes to update my ipod mini podcasts. (This in itself is not something that is as easy I think it should be, and may be the topic of a future article). Anyway, I ran out of space on ... [full story]

The beautiful apple ipod

This jukebox ain't no jokebox!

This fantastic little mp3 jukebox player is flying off the shelves. Not surprisingly perhaps - the original and perhaps the still the best - the IPOD - has been updated, and is even more lust-worthy than ever. Apple has revamped t... [full story]

How long will Apple stay sweet before it goes rotten?

What's next for Apple? There's a lot of blog/talk about the IPOD touch and the iPhone at the moment, and how a dedicated community of 'engineers' are hacking them to run third party applications, and - get this - be able to create calendar appointments. Wow - I mean, that makes them almost as capable as any 5 year old Windows Mobile PDA.

No - I'm not jealous, despite the fact I'm still languishing with a first generation ipod mini and a second generation nano. :-)It's just that I don't quite get the point, other than the computer-geek satisfac... [full story]

How to manage podcasts on your Ipod

Although it's all supposed to be automatic, managing podcasts on your ipod can prove to be a challenge at first. Our easy guide sheds some light, and highlights the "gotchas".

It actually took me a couple of weeks to fully get used to the way itunes handles podcasts including the process of auto updating.Initially I was concerned that the automatic settings might start deleting podcasts I hadn't yet lis... [full story]

We think you're looking for cheap ipod.
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Our realtime listings allow you to shop for a ipod best seller, a ipod bargain where possible at the lowest price.

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