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Tuesday January 27 2015 Hi !
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Free email address - your-name@easypeasy.com - sign up here...

Welcome to our free email service! It's just like yahoo, gmail or hotmail, only much more distinctive with your cool free email address @easypeasy.com! There's no comparison with a name like that! And you can upgrade to send/receive mail from your desktop email client (POP/SMTP - e.g. outlook express), as well as from the web. It even includes spam filtering. Simple! easypeasy.com is consistently ranking as one of the web's most popular free email addresses.

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From this page you can login or sign up to the free easypeasy email account service (courtesy of everyone.net) To return to this page at any time is easy, simply bookmark the URL:http://email.easypeasy.com

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please be aware that this is an ad-supported service, which keeps it free.

all the standard features (see below)
you can upgrade to mailplus! (see below)

Beginner's guides to email

other services: hints and tips for your new email account
We've a fabulous free guide, "the beginner's guide to effective email" to help you make the most of your new account
Advice on spam (unsolicited junk mail). Why you get it, where it comes from.
How to stop spam and clear your inbox of junk mail.
latest virus warnings and virus news.
Telling people about your new address. If you're worried about friends being able to find you at your new address, then easypeasy recommends the return path service, which solves this problem.


Globally Accessible


Our email has the same features as yahoo, hotmail and googlemail, but a more distinctive address! You get:

available from any browser
a generous mail box and calendar
address book
user-defined filters
mail folders
bulk mail (spam) blocking
email notification to another account
collection from other email boxes
stationery & html messages

personal signatures

plus many personalisation options...


Upgrade to MailPlus and you get:

access your account from any POP/SMTP mail client (e.g. Outlook Express, Eudora)
a much larger mail box
no ads, banners or pop-ups!
guaranteed support
+ everything in basic features

please note that email services are provided by everyone.net. You must agree to their terms and conditions, as well as ours, and by signing up you agree that easypeasy is not responsible for their service.

Note: Both easypeasy.com and everyone.net do not permit the use of email accounts to send spam. Any account abused in this manner will be terminated without warning. We reserve the right to delete without notice any names that are abusive, offensive or for any other reason at our discretion (e.g. lack of use)

How we fight spam - a message from everyone.net

Everyone.net Publisher Newsletter


Total Anti-virus and SPAM Protection Technology

With more than seven years of research and development, Everyone.net's commitment to delivering the highest quality email experience continues to be illustrated in our proprietary Pipeline Technology. Spam, virus, and abuse mitigation is an integral component of email delivery infrastructures. Our unique and proprietary implementation of the Total Protection Pipeline solution ensures that you and your users receive all legitimate emails and are not blocked in the Internet email community.

Our spam and virus filters extensively review each message before it reaches your end user's Inbox. Everyone.net users experience significant reductions in spam and malicious email, improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

The pipeline is built on a multi-channel filtering system that contains ten layers of protection delivering extremely high capture rates for malicious email. The first six layers combine public information, such as known spam addresses and current virus attacks, with proprietary processes to determine an initial message review. The final four layers of protection are rules driven and can be customized to serve the specific needs of your end users and your unique domain requirements.

Below is a diagram that details the scrutiny we place on each email message that enters our delivery pipeline before it arrives in a user's Inbox.

Everyone.net Total Protection

Outbound email also passes through a five channel filtering pipeline to prevent abuse and fraud.

Our Total Protection Pipeline is extremely effective in blocking unwanted email while ensuring that legitimate email is delivered to you and your users. The protection pipeline not only reduces the junk or spam email received, it also minimizes misfiled or "false-positives". Effectively managing spam is a multi-faceted approach. We encourage you and your users to do your part in utilizing the tools that we have implemented to thwart the efforts of spammers and scammers. Educate your users on their Approve/ Block Lists and other tools.

We hope that you and your members enjoy these enhancements to our service. We are continually improving our email solution and always appreciate your feedback. If you have comments, please email pdev@everyone.net. We will respond and take your suggestions into consideration.

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