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Monday January 26 2015 Hi !
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How to mount a bluetooth kit in the saab 93 Sport Saloon/Sport Wagon Thursday, 09/02/2006 by nik

With the popularity of bluetooth pocket handset phones increasing, it seems logical that a handsfree telephone car kit no longer needs wires. Numerous aftermarket kits are now available, and this article discusses how to mount a Parrot Bluetooth kit in your Saab, such that it integrates neatly with the built-in In-Car Entertainment System.

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I'm deeply endebted to Mark Dales for providing this information and giving me permission to publish it here. He installed a Parrot bluetooth kit in his Saab 93, and had the foresight to not only document what he did, but also photograph it! Well done, and thanks Mark - a great contribution to all saab 93 owners!

Note that the "Saab Tel1 - Parrot Cable" referred to can be obtained from www.justcarkits.co.uk - this is a specific converter cable that saves you making up your own by cutting and splicing other cables.

The remainder of this article is in Mark's own words:

What you’ll need:

• Parrot CK3100 bluetooth kit
• Saab Tel1 – Parrot cable*
• Torx screwdriver kit
• Cable-ties (various sizes)
• Jewellers screwdriver set
• Tweezers

NB: As I’m English don’t forget we drive on left (RHD), so pics will be wrong way round for LHD cars.

Push passenger seat fully to rear, this exposes a torx screw fixing the bottom side panel. Undo this and remove panel, push to front of car and down a bit, should be easy enough.


This exposes a big empty space just made for fitting something like the parrot kit!
Look in the void and you should see a taped up (Saab Tel1) connector.


Remove tape, insert Tel1-Parrot cable, plug into Parrot (inc mic connector) , and plug in the Parrot LCD cable. Test all works ok.



I found easiest method of getting cable to driver zone was through where ash-try should be (this is now an optional extra in UK so not fitted). Sorry about the bad photo but I didn’t check quality when doing install. 


The control box-LCD connector was a bit big, so I removed the back of the LCD and unplugged the cable using tweezers. Another bad photo!
It then fitted through with the aid of a cable tie.

Reassembled LCD, mounted one of the supplied brackets to LHS of ash tray area.


I used cable ties to mount Parrot to metal (side panel retaining) bracket




Tied up any loose ends and put the car back together. It’s as simple as that. Good luck.

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