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Monday January 26 2015 Hi !
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How do I stop (start) windows XP asking me to logon? Tuesday, 28/02/2006 by nik

If you only have one user account on your windows PC then you can configure windows not to ask you for your username or password. Actually, you can do it even if you DO have more than one account. Here's how...

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If you have more than one user account on your windows XP computer then you'll probably need it to ask you who you want to log in as. In fact there are two types of screens windows can use to do this: classic, which requires you to type your name and password, or the "welcome screen", which shows a list of icons for each user account, and you just click on the icon for the user you want to login as.

However, if you only have one user on your machine, it might be more convenient if windows didn't bother asking who you want to log in as! The question is, can you get windows to log you in automatically without asking for your name or password? Yes, you sure can.

Now, some people will tell you that you need windows TweakUI (one of microsoft's unsupported power toys) to make the change - but actually that's not necessary at all.

Simply go to your START menu and choose RUN.

then type: control userpasswords2

This will start the advanced user-account control panel. In this box untick (or tick, if you want to turn logging in back ON) the checkbox entitled "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"; in the list below this select the user account you'll want to log in as, and click APPLY. First time round windows may ask you to confirm the user name and password. If you don't usera password, leave the password boxes blank, otherwise fill in all the details.

There's no need to reboot, windows will now automatically log you in without asking for your username or password!

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