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Thursday January 29 2015 Hi !
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How to stop calls from 07953966066 Thursday, 17/06/2010 by nik

If you're being plagued by calls/messages from 07953966066 then this article gives you some explanation and some advice.

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There's some information on the internet that suggests this number is a virgin media/BT number that delivers text messages. This is not apparently the case - of course, BT does offer such a service, but when BT delivers a text message to a landline you will see the number 0845 602 1111 (08456021111) as the calling line identity.

However, when you get a call from 07953966066 you do get an automated voice message delivered (using text to speech synthesis) apparently from another mobile . This is all part of trying to make the service sound real.

Of course, the killer indicator that this is a scam, is the request to call the 07953 number back to repeat or delete the message. At best this call would be at mobile rate, at worst, some kind of premium rate. A couple of minutes calling back and the scammers have potentially racked up a few pounds from you.

It's not obvious whether you can stop these calls, unless you block their CLI (for example using BT's "choose to refuse" service.

However, you can generally control the delivery of BT text messages to your landline by calling 08005875252 (note how it's free!) To turn them off completely choose option 1 then 5. Of course, this turns off all messages, which may not be desirable.

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